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2011-12-04 20:13:35

to snad ani nemuze byt realita. to je nejaka recese. a este v ruskym dabingu

2011-12-10 07:25:58

fokr a honda tohle je lepsi hlavne to zrychleni

2011-12-10 08:52:25

2011-12-10 17:11:14


2011-12-11 19:24:57

chlapi tak tohle je podivana preji prijemne sny

2011-12-11 19:30:55

Neni to špatný, ale já mám radši nahoře trochu plnější

2011-12-11 19:37:24


2011-12-13 12:04:57

ja to rikam porad,nechlamat clovek potom blbne

2011-12-13 12:14:04

tomu rikam univerzalni kancelar v kapseparada

2011-12-13 12:15:35

no coment

2011-12-13 12:18:52

zena zavolantemja rikam ze zene patri varecka do ruky a ne volant

2011-12-13 12:26:29

Děvče vypadá slušně, do ruky bych jí dal spíš něco jinýho, než vařečku

2012-01-02 11:54:31

New Suzuki Swift vs Old Swift by www.suzuki-club.ro  |  Více info

A short footage where we compare the New Swift wit' Old Swift. Please comment! Only if you comment, we can come with new video as you want! This video is brought to you by Suzuki Club Team: - Master @COQ - Detailing man @Andrei Suzuki - The one, the only @SGD - @cristyyy2003 Thank you Suzuki Autonet - www.suzuki-autonet.ro for offering us this two beautiful cars. www.suzuki-club.ro

New suzuki swfit 2011, new swift, new swift vs old swift, swift vs, suzuki swift 2011, suzuki swift club ...

2012-01-13 22:38:01

jooo, benzin a silikon, to jsou panečku vynálezy

Sexy Turbo Mustang - 2  |  Více info

Here is more video of Gisele in a turbo Mustang.

More girls coming soon.

Maybe next we will do something with over 1000hp

Follow Gisele:

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2012-01-18 19:51:54

honda tak a bych nebyl pozadu

Sexy Jenni in a 1250whp Underground Racing Lamborghini  |  Více info

Sexy Girl + Bad Ass Car

Jenni taking a ride in an Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Superleggera.

This was her first time to feel 1250whp! and in an all wheel drive car...she was having a blast!

Look for Jenni at TX2K12

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2012-01-18 20:40:59

hrube street videjko skoda jen,ze tam nefiguruje suzuki jinak super krasna podivana




a cooperation with rhd speedmaster germany

a lot of people asked me: what is we write the streets?

well i don't know any answer. i think everybody of you, any kind of character you are will reflect yourself - and find the right reply.

we write the streets finds no genre..

the only answer i have is..

.. we will never stop living this way.

we write the streets.

Directed by Daniel Michaelis

Co Directed by Willi Fast

RHD Speedmaster: Christian Müller

Reisbrennen: Marco Thillmann

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2012-01-18 21:07:15

ted neco pro lidi co maji radi hodne velka turba ve swiftech kazdopadne kdyz jsou chechtaky jde vsechno

Suzuki Swift Turbo  |  Více info

Prejdite sa s nami v Suzuki Swift Turbo. Viac na

Suzuki Swift Turbo, test swift ...

2012-02-11 21:36:00

Takový malý sestřih z přestavby, při večerní nudě.

Stavba Suzuki Swift cabrio  |  Více info

Přestavba Suzuki Swift cabrio

Swift, cabrio, tuning, suzuki, tuning cup, přestavba, předělání, úpravy, auto, tuning club, road punisher ...

2012-02-13 19:13:02


ALL VIDEO IS FILMED ON PRIVATE LAND with permission to wheel this way.

TC pretty much shocked everybody when he built his buggy called SHOWTIME. It's Jimmy Smith Motorsports Chassis and TC built the rest at his shop.

There isn't many hills he didn't hit in this buggy in the last few months. He started breaking the 300m RCV shafts so he decided to build some new 14 Bolt axles with Ouverson Shafts and Rockwell Outers. So I can't wait to see how he treats in next.

Be Sure and Check Out MadRam11 on Facebook

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2012-02-19 17:24:15

tak moc mi chybi...

Suzuki swift 1,0.wmv  |  Více info

Konec, swiftika ...


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