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2016-05-10 21:40:01

Dokument o výrobě a testování aut a motorek Suzuki v 60. letech minulého století.

1960's Suzuki Factory Tour  |  Více info

A vintage film about the Suzuki Motor Company from the 60's. Enjoy!

2016-05-11 00:04:48

výroba jak vsude jinde

v pitesti vyrabí dustra jako dobu a stale to jezdí a prodává seto

Sachai ko janiye - Maruti Suzuki (Sep'11)  |  Více info

All the contents and shots of this video are live taken on Sep'11. For more queries you can contact at our helpline number 9711875279.

Maruti, Suzuki ...

2016-05-11 00:09:09

Termelés Magyarországon

zde se rodí nové suzuki

Magyar Suzuki production plant in Esztergom, Hungary  |  Více info

Magyar Suzuki Corporation

The company was established by its major shareholder Suzuki Motor Corporation together with other business partners in 1991. The Hungarian factory is Suzuki Motor Corporation’s sole manufacturing subsidiary on the Continent serving European markets with automobiles. Currently operation takes place in five shop units (stamping, welding, painting, assembly and bumper). Through its export activities MSC provides cars to European countries but also to Japan, Russia, Ukraine, as well as to the Middle East and some Northern African territories like Israel or Morocco.

In addition to the 3,100 jobs at the Suzuki factory, the company provides work opportunity for thousands of people in Hungary through its circle of suppliers and dealers.

Besides production for the European and domestic markets, MSC carries out other commercial activities such as selling imported cars, motorcycles and outboard motors.

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2016-07-15 09:16:40

Částečný pohled do motoru SX4.

SX4 cut sectionised engine & gear box  |  Více info

SX4 VVT Engine with gear box and ABS speed sensors.


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