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*EDIT* VOTING IS NOW OPEN: PLEASE VOTE FOR BANANA KURIMU w hey everyone!!~ here is our final entry for the ~~*~*~YTC Chorus Battle~*~*~ *shines* XD thank you everyone for supporting us!! Banana Kurimu will continue making choruses even after Chorus Battle yay!! And hope you all like our chorus of "Omoide Kakera" koe apparently has personal issues that she has to take care and her laptop is broken, but she passed her va lines and adlibs before that happens. mp3 link here: please keep on supporting us! And please vote!~ (voting link will update soon ;D) Music: DevilishP lyrics: DevilishP x Silent Symphonia composition: DevilishP x Silent Symphonia arrangement: DevilishP x Silent Symphonia Original Vocals MEGPOID Gumi Vocals Apol - Doubie - Eyes - Haru JSR - Katie - Koe - Kuro - mong - Nitrox - Yoru - Sia - Sun - Yami - Voice Acting Yami mong Yoru Sia Kuro Katie Koe Haru JSR Sun Screamo Apol Mixing and Mastering Sia Apol Instrumentalist: StrangeJam Animation Katie Yoru Script Haru Illustration (various artists) Stock Images and Photoshop Materials (please comment for crediting) English Translations Eternal snow @ 1st Round Chorus:



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