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Videa Suzuki Tornado

"Zero-Fifty" has developted as the anniversary bike of Yoshimura 50years history. This ultimate machine was built with Yoshimura technology and unchanged concept since 1954. The name of "Zero-Fifty" is from aircraft name which the founder, Pop Yoshimura learnt the engine mechanism & tuning and our 50years of expirience. It is also presenting our feeling of this tuning point to be another start of Yoshimura history. The already formidable GSX-R engine receives a specially ported Yoshimura cylinder head along with a modified and balanced crankshaft. 13.0:1 high compression pistons swing off Carrillo rods. These modifications along with some hotter cams and a free flowing Yoshimura exhaust system release over 130kw (175hp) at the rear wheel. Helping to harness all that power are Ohlins FG470 forks and an Ohlins 46PRXLS shock absorber. Also from Ohlins is the adjustable steering damper. The special swingarm is produced by Yoshimura, as is the rear suspension linkage and adjustable steering stem. Dunlop rubber rolls on some exquisite forged magnesium BBS rims. Brembo supplies the 305mm front discs, radial mono-block calipers and radial master cylinder. Carbon-fibre is used liberally throughout the machine with the fairing, fenders and mirrors all crafted from the exotic material. The fuel tank is hand beaten from Aluminium. More Info HERE :

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