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Bravehearts' 4th single, Massara Blue Jeans, by °C-ute Cast: Suzuki Airi - Wolfy [wolfychanloli] Yajima Maimi - Raii [TheMakenaiKokoro] Hagiwara Mai - Miyako [MiyakoNoUta] Scripting: Wolfy Audio Mixing: Raii Graphic + Video Mixing: Miyako Subscribe to Bravehearts? Visit our channels and subscribe to our members! Wolfy :: Miyako :: Raii :: ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Miyako uploading ^0^)/ Yay~ Here we are again, with a new release. Personally, I think we're quite fast with releasing new stuff! This time, the song was picked by Wolfy. Omg, I love how we all blend with each other! The duet lines are my favorite. As usual, Raii did a great job on mixing. I love Wolfy's 'Junjou tte wakannai' line. And my voice isn't cut out for high notes 8'D -shot- I love this dub and I love Bravehearts *fangirl* Can't wait to work on something new again! By the way, the video is inspired on the original MV, in case you were wondering xD Please look forward to our next dub~ :D

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