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Videa Suzuki US

This release ranked # 8 on Yo!Project's Weekly Top Ten Rankings(July 16th-July 22nd) Here's what they said: Hatsukoi Cider's intro is a pain to sing, at least for me, but I think Michiko did a pretty decent job at it. I think that Ai's vocals could have had some more attitude/power whatever to call it, but she did a good job. Sora is adorable as Momoko =3 Also I was surprised about the blending which is actually pretty good concerning different mic qualities x3 Sexy Senpais 1st release from our sign up forum! Michiko was supposed to mix this, but she got busy SO I mixed it xD Which I don't mind doing if I have a bit of spare time. :) I found this to be pretty difficult to mi, considering everyone's microphone is different xD;; BUT I think it managed coming out pretty good. :) CAST:

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