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Here is the B-side to V-irgo's 4th single, Hitorijime Shitakatta Dake Na No Ni! This song was so difficult for me to sing, but I loved it too much to pass it up for this group to do it. I saw this song performed on C-ute's live YouTube concert and I fell in love with this song instantly. It was a difficult song for all of us to sing, but we managed to pull it off! Phew to all of us! CAST: Maima Yajima - Jenny // JennyInTokyo Airi Suzuki - Crisis // KikiItemri Okai Chisato - Aqua // Aquashadowcat Hagiwara Mai - Akiko // WarriorKnight123 Nakajima Saki - Phob // PhobCHUUUU Audio Mix: Jenny Video Mix: Jenny Enjoy this song! And if you want to hear more releases from StarSignProject please subscribe if you wish! :D

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