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Videa Suzuki US

Here is the 2nd track to Hoshi no Yume, SSP's first ever project album! This is V-irgo's 7th single Aitai Aitai Aitai Na! Everyone sounded fantastic in this and I really enjoyed singing this too! Please enjoy! CAST: Airi Suzuki - Crisis Maimi Yajima - Jenny Okai Chisato - Aqua Saki Nakijima - Phob Mai Hagiwara - Akiko (Covered by Blissy - BLISSYCANSING) Please listen to this release through earphones and at the best video quality for the best sound quality and a more enjoyable listen. This project aims to have fun covering H!P and I hope you enjoy the energy us girls put into this. If you like what you hear then please check out the rest of SSP's releases and if you want to hear more in the future then please subscribe if you wish! And thanks for visiting us!



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