Video - 100's of Motorcycles escort our Iowa troops back home, July 2011

Videa Suzuki US 100's of Motorcycles escort our Iowa troops back home, July 2011

100's of Motorcycles escort our Iowa troops back home, July 2011

*Please read! Their mission accomplished, it was time to come home for many northwest Iowa soldiers. And they did with a fantastic escort of Motorcycle riders! There also was a homecoming ceremony in Le Mars for Troop C, 1st Squadron, 113th Cavalry, that started at 2 PM at Le Mars Community High School Football Field, today July 24, 2011. Another homecoming ceremony will be held in Storm Lake on Monday (July 25) for Iowa Army National Guard unit Company G, Forward Support Company, 334th Brigade Support Battalion. The homecoming ceremony starts at 12:30 pm at the Storm Lake Elementary School. These units are part of the approximately 2900 members of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division deployed to Afghanistan. These Iowa Soldiers reported to their mobilization station at Camp Shelby, Mississippi back in August 2010 for additional training and preparation before they departed for the Afghanistan theater of operations. The units arrived in Afghanistan in November 2010, where the Soldiers provided full-spectrum operations in a combat theater, including lethal and non-lethal capabilities, support to Afghan National Army and Police units, and assistance to humanitarian relief initiatives. Thanks to all the local folks who came out and participated on every freeway bridge near Sibley and on down south. Please take a moment to subscribe so you will not miss another episode of the RC-Television shows and Mr. Herbert's science class. Semper Fi and best regards, Dave ...

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