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1972 Suzuki GT 380

The 1972 GT380J was square-bore and stroke of 54 x 54 mm with 6,7 :1 compression ratio. Fuel was fed via three Mikuni VS24SC carburettors and maximum power was claimed 38 bhp at 7500 rpm. It had a six speed gearbox and starting was kickstart. The GT380 was a massive bike with a rigid chassis with standard telescopic forks up front and twin oil-damped shockers mounted on tubular steel swinging arm. The brakes were a 180 mm double-leading drum brake at the front and 200 mm rear. It had 19-inch spoke wheels front and 18-inch rear and somewhat anorectic 3.00 front tire and 3.50 rear tire. The front brake proved to be at its best only adequate and was replaced with a disc brake the following year. large fuel tank and saddle with plenty of room for riding with a passenger. Unfortunately the engine vibrations were transmitted to the passenger footpegs making the ride less comfortable for the passenger as it was for the fellow in front of him. The fuel tank cap had a lock in it, an unusual feature at the time, as was the rubber lip seals for the spark plugs, keeping moisture from shorting out the system. The cylinders of the GT380 were cast as three separate units and ech piston was fitted with a not-removable cast-in iron liner. The cylinder head was cast in one piece. Presented in January 1972 (Japan). A revised model (B1) was released in April 1972 (Japan). Intitial frame number: GT380-10001 GT 380 J 1972 Overall Length: 2 090 mm (82.3 in) Overall Width: 800 mm (31.5 in ...

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