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1982 Suzuki GS 300

this is my 82 suzuki gs 300, so far i've only put highway pegs on it, its not all factory by the way, the guy i bought it off put a 19 in. front wheel with a rotor and caliper set up instead of the shitty drum brakes, also made side covers for it, took both carbs off, and took them apart and cleaned them, and fixed the seat, only paid 800 bucks for it, didnt have to do a thing to it, passed inspection like nothing. My dads harley we picked up late last may of "08, only paid 2500 bucks for it, has forward controls, s&s carb, riser handle bars, raked forks, electronic ignition, k&n air filter, fat bob tank, drag pipes, shotgun gel seat. I just put up a video of the 1980 AMC concord, i got that car for free, had it for like 4 or 5 years now. the 99 escort zx2, i only paid 700 bucks for, its a 5 speed, lots to talk about on that, (in a later video), but basically it needs a timing belt, and an idler pulley. the 89 civic hatchback was given to my older brother (for free) like 3 years ago, its a 5 speed also, but needs a new head, (valves are shot) and an upper control arm.

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