Video - 1988 SUZUKI RGV 250 (VJ21) PEPSI For Sale

Videa Suzuki RGV 1988 SUZUKI RGV 250 (VJ21) PEPSI For Sale

1988 SUZUKI RGV 250 (VJ21) PEPSI For Sale Very rare 1988 RGV250 (VJ21) PEPSI. This is the only limited production model/color offered by Suzuki before the Lucky Strike model VJ22. It is a great looking, all original bike. Although some/minor corrosion pins are visible on areas of the frame and swing arm it is in flawless condition. this is part of an all suzuki lineup that I own which includes this Pepsi VJ21, a Lucky Stike VJ22, a Lucky Stike VJ23 and a Walter Wolf RG400 and RG500. Would love to sell the entire lineup but would be willing to part with each individually. This bike also comes with a FL title.

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