Video - 1990 - Le Mans - Aguri Suzuki's huge accident

Videa Suzuki ST 1990 - Le Mans - Aguri Suzuki's huge accident

1990 - Le Mans - Aguri Suzuki's huge accident

All that changed at 8.22pm, when the Tom's Toyota of Aguri Suzuki was involved in a dramatic clash with race leader Gianfranco Brancatelli at the Dunlop Curve. The Italian moved into the inside of the corner in an ambitious effort to overtake the yellow Toyota and the result was a potentially horrific accident. Suzuki's car, tapped from behind, shot off the circuit and slammed into the barriers. The Japanese driver was taken to hospital with concussion. His car, making its race debut at Le Mans, faired even worse , losing both rear wheels and much o the back-end. Brancatelli limped round with broken front bodywork and a punctured tyre.

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