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1990 Suzuki LT500R Rebuild

Complete ground up rebuild of my 1990 Suzuki LT500R quadracer Quadzilla! Got this bike back in 2007, and just now got it finished. When I bought it, it was rough, and in need of some MAJOR love, but nothing to what I would have thought. The thing must have sit outside in the rain for 2-3 years, at least. Had to cut a-arm bolts, all the bushings, bearings and seals were shot. All the ball joints where bad, along with the tie rod ends. The rear swing arm bearings and seals where bad and the rear axle bearings and seals. The rear caliper was missing, and the stock disk was warped beyond belief. I took the cylinder to a local bike builder to have it ported and polished along with a new piston, but shit came up and ended up not being able to pay for it, so they sold it. At that point I was like fuck it, and it sat for years. I had the frame sand blasted and powder-coated black. The a-arms, steering stem and rear swing arm powder-coated silver-vein. Had a FMF pipe and silencer but the silencer was shot. I got a new Power Core silencer. Was going to get a new FMF pipe, which I really don't want, so I decided to clean this one up and just paint it for now. I will replace it with Power Pros pipe over the winter. Got a new cylinder and head from eBay, which happened to be a stock bore, and a new Wiseco piston and rings. The cylinder was a 87, which is a 6 stud, which I wasn't happy about, but I found out the 87's had a much larger reed cage and make more stock horsepower than the ...



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