Video - 1991 1.6L 16v Red Suzuki Samurai

Videa Suzuki T 1991 1.6L 16v Red Suzuki Samurai

1991 1.6L 16v Red Suzuki Samurai

1991 Suzuki Samurai Daily Driver (2 days a week) I dont drive it over 45-50mph as its low geared First of all, this Samurai drives like a Cadillac. This is the best Driving Samurai in California not only by me but others agree, turn with one finger steering even through the rocks, the setup is Flipping SWEET Place both Transfer cases in Low and put in 4th gear and can idle up a rock with ease. People Stop me almost every time I take it out. 1.6 16v conversion California Registered smog Trail Tough wiring harness Trial Tough Full Circle motor mounts Trail Tough adaptor Sidekick Radiator and custom shroud Stainless exhaust 100A GM one wire alternator Sidekick Power Steering box, ported with ram assist Spidertrax TC pump and bracket Power Steering Box Cooler CARB legal Doug Thorley Header Throttle Control on Stick Shift Front 4.62 with lunch box locker Rocky Road Outfitters High Steer Rear 4.62 hybrid sidekick, spool with Trail Tough disk brake kick Chromolly rear Axle and hybrid housing Dual T-case set up Trail Tough Rock Block 1.8:1 and Petroworks GRS II 4.89:1 Trail Tough Mighty King transfer case mount Spidertrax E-brake Spidertrax Shock Relocator Driveshaft's with no spacers Trail Tough missing link YJ suspension Trail Tough 6 pack YJ springs 14" Front Billstein shocks 12" Rear Doetsch shocks Optima Red Top Battery Spidertrax rear upper shock mount 5 32" BFG muds LED Inside/Outside Shrockworks gas tank skid plate Full Rino lined inside Hi-Lift Jack with mount Viper ...



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