Video - 1995 Suzuki DS80 Rebuild

Videa Suzuki T 1995 Suzuki DS80 Rebuild

1995 Suzuki DS80 Rebuild

Not my typical how to video. This is more just a cool technical art video I suppose. Just me working in the garage, all alone, listening to the radio, cussing at my mistakes. You can't hear that though, that would be boring. So I overlayed some free publicly available music that YouTube can't get mad at me about. Has a Wiseco piston, FMF Fatty pipe, FMF Power Core 2 silencer. I removed the oil pump and converted the motor to run on pre-mix. Ran pretty good for about 20 minutes. See my next video to see my dumb mistake. I'll fix it though. It's just my stupidity that cost me about $150.

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