Video - 1995 Suzuki GTi Cup, Rd1 Race2, Oran Pk South

Videa Suzuki US 1995 Suzuki GTi Cup, Rd1 Race2, Oran Pk South

1995 Suzuki GTi Cup, Rd1 Race2, Oran Pk South

The 1995 Kumho Suzuki GTi Cup was the most popular one-make series in Australia, attracting up to 32 cars. This was a breeding ground for up and coming stars and the ultimate affordable motorsport series that offered competitors a chance to purchase and run a Swift GTi in standard trim, on Kumho road tyres, for just $30000. Nine rounds included: Rd1: Oran Park South, NSW Rd2: Lakeside, Qld (race1 televised) Rd3: Winton, Vic Rd4: Eastern Creek, NSW (race2 televised) Rd5: Oran Park GP, NSW (race2 televised) Rd6: Winton, Vic (not televised) Rd7: Eastern Creek, NSW (not televised) Rd8: Sandown (not televised) Rd9: Bathurst (not televised, only news highlights from crash) Drivers included Warren Luff (Utes, V8 Supercars), Andrej Pavicevic (F3000), Adam Clarke (karts, speedway), Damian White (12 Hour and V8 Utes champ), Ric Shaw (various), Phillip Scifleet, Anthony Robson, Christian Jones (Son of Alan Jones). The series also included an Ateco media car for invited motoring journalists to experience and promote the series, which included Wayne Webster (Rd1), David Hassall (Rd2), Michael Stahl (Rd3), Dean Evans (Rd4) and Peter McKay (Rd6). From round 4, competitors were allowed to buff their Kumho road tyres, which decreased tread depth and improved grip and wear. All cars were serviced and stored by the organisers to ensure no cheating, and ECUs were regularly swapped. Sadly the series only ran for one year and the latter rounds were not televised. 1995 Suzuki GTi Cup Results ...



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