Video - 1995 Suzuki RF600R under 13k miles

Videa Suzuki RF 1995 Suzuki RF600R under 13k miles

1995 Suzuki RF600R under 13k miles

For Sale 1995 Suzuki RF 600R 11887 miles clear Massachusetts Title I bought this bike a the beginning of last summer and have put about $ 600 into it since then. With lots of low end torque, and a comfortable riding position, this hybrid sport tourer is a great first bike. Over the years this bike has only amassed 11k miles on it and is mechanically very sound, no leaky forks or smokey motors here. In the past 2 years it has had only 1100 miles put on it and the tires are the same age. This past Summer this bike received a Full Synthetic Oil Change, Spark Plugs, Battery, Fuel Lines, a Professional Carburetor Clean, a K&N Air Filter, and a Stage 1 Jet Kit.

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