Video - 2001 suzuki katana 600 1/8 mile drag

Videa Suzuki Katana 2001 suzuki katana 600 1/8 mile drag

2001 suzuki katana 600 1/8 mile drag

skip to 0:50. this is me a couple years ago ( i was 16) riding my blue 2001 suzuki katana 600. hindle exhaust, K&N air filter. cant remember the time, but it was around 7 seconds at 89mph in the 1/8 mile. sorry for the terrible quality, dont know why this one turned out so bad. because it was bracket racing and it was my best run of the day i broke out, therefore i lost. opponent was a kawasaki zx-9. stalled it on the line lol. this is in osoyoos BC with the WCRA. Wine country racing association.

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