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Videa Suzuki Intruder 2003 Suzuki Intruder 1400 For sale san diego

2003 Suzuki Intruder 1400 For sale san diego

Im selling a 2003 Suzuki intruder 1400. its a GREAT bike! I bought it last year in the hopes to install a thousand dollars worth of equipment that I bought for it.... including: Engine guard windshield super horn vance and hines performance pipes aftrmarket pegs grip warmers motorcycle GPS to mount on the handle bars brand new touring bags set throttle rocket back rest (mounts on suspension) Clymer Manual And more This bike can do anything. With the new pipes, it cruises easily at 80. The only imperfections are the 2 little dings in the tank, and the rip in the seat. Besides that its FLAWLESS. Its an amazing steal, easily worth over 4 grand. Im asking $3500 and wont go a penny less. I will also accept a car with a value of $2500 and a thousand dollars cash. I need a car for me and the woman. Any questions, just ask. Its truly an amazing bike and i hate to get rid of it, but on some good easy miles. Just bought a brand new battery, and had brakes done (but they still squeak a bit). I have receipts for just about everything in my email if you want proof. Theres no reason not to buy this bike... It has everything you could ever want to buy for a motorcycle, and its LOUD!!

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