Video - 2004 Suzuki SV650 walk around

Videa Suzuki SV 2004 Suzuki SV650 walk around

2004 Suzuki SV650 walk around

This is my 2004 Suzuki SV650 that is for sale. It has never been dropped, has 16800 miles and has a few extras. It's got a Delkevic slip-on shorty exhaust, Galfer stainless front brake lines, OEM Suzuki Frame sliders, Hotgrips heated grips, and an OEM Suzuki Carbon dress up kit. The bike had new Pirelli Diablo Stradas put on at 15200 miles along with a 520 chain conversion kit (EK X-Ring Chain, PBI sprockets stock gearing) at 15200 miles also. It is for sale in Oregon for $3500

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