Video - 2006 DRz400sm Overview & MRD Exhaust Sound!

Videa Suzuki RE 2006 DRz400sm Overview & MRD Exhaust Sound!

2006 DRz400sm Overview & MRD Exhaust Sound!

Here's a quick video of my 2006 Suzuki DRz400sm. It has a few mods, including Zeta Handguards with LED indicators, Zeta red-anodized brake line clamp, Acerbis front Supermoto fender, DRC Edge Tail light, LED rear turn signals, MRD Exhaust, JD Jet kit, 3x3 Airbox mod, Skateboard wheel frame sliders, and red rim strips/ pin striping... I'm also running a new set of Michelin Pilot powers (150/60 rear, 120/70 front) to replace the stock Dunlop 208's. The bike has just over 3000 miles on it. I've had it about a month and a half, put about 600 miles on it, and the bike was completely stock when I purchased it. I've also got a Suzuki Gel-seat for it, and a Leo-Vince X3 slip on, which is brand new still sealed in the box. Both are for sale. $100 for the seat, and $200 for the Leo-Vince, + shipping. Pics can be provided, and if you're genuinely interested I'll post it on eBay with a BIN price to insure a safe transaction and you're welcome to buy it...

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