Video - 2010 New York Auto Show: Suzuki Kizasha (720p)

Videa Suzuki RE 2010 New York Auto Show: Suzuki Kizasha (720p)

2010 New York Auto Show: Suzuki Kizasha (720p)

"You'll turn blue in the face if you're holding your breath waiting for a V6 Kizashi." That was the word from a Suzuki spokesman at last night's insider preview of the 2011 Suzuki Kizashi Sport. It makes sense since Suzuki and General Motors have parted ways and that V6 was expected to come from GM. While we had been hoping a V6 would be part of the package, we are taking this quote to mean there won't be anything other than a four-cylinder in the engine bay for a good long time. And we do mean anything. Automotive News is also reporting that Suzuki has also dropped plans for the hybrid version of the mid-size media darling. What we're left with isn't exactly chopped liver though. We've waxed poetically about the Kizashi and its near perfect blend of styling, performance and value, and the Sport looks to add just that little extra bit of styling and performance to make it even more appealing. We still have to wait to pass judgment on whether they keep the value part of the equation as prices won't be announced until closer to the vehicle's July on-sale date.

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