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2010 Suzuki Kizashi Turbo Concept

Suzuki took a pretty big gamble by only offering its new Kizashi with a fuel-thrifty 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. While the mill produces a respectable 185 horsepower, it falls well short of the numbers available from its V6-clad competition. To address that situation, the company has partnered with Road Race Motorsports to develop a Kizashi Turbo Concept. The aftermarket company worked in a Mitsubishi 16 G turbo coupled with a Road Race Motorsports intercooler and a handful of other goodies to help up the power to a much more respectable 290 horses. As evidenced by the video that you'll find after the break, the car will get its debut on Test Drive on SpeedTV. So far, there's no indication as to whether or not Kizashi buyers will be able to opt for the new turbo system from the dealer, or how much it will cost from Road Race Motorsports. Either way, the fact that buyers can get a little more pep from their Suzuki should help move the sedans off of dealer lots and into driveways.

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