Video - 2010 Suzuki SX4 Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

Videa Suzuki US 2010 Suzuki SX4 Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

2010 Suzuki SX4 Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

It's time to let the Volvo go, so we shopped around for a new car. We were looking at four choices, the Suzuki Swift, Suzuki SX4, Honda City and Toyota Vios. Instantly, no Toyota for us, the Toyota doesn't really look that good TBH, and it has a bad name now. So it was the Swift, SX4 or City. First we test drove the SX4, and instantly got attracted to it. Didn't even test drive the Swift or City. So we placed an order for the SX4 in this beautiful red colour. =) This SX4 is the facelifted 2010 model, with a new grill, new front bumper, slightly revised interior with a new instrument cluster, the elimination of the central information display and in place, an extra speaker. The engine also has been slightly revised, now to produce 110bhp and 150Nm or torque. There are two models available in Malaysia, the basic one for RM89,000 and the premium one for RM94,000. Fully imported from Japan and an impressive spec-list, we bought the car. We chose basic model as we prefered cloth seats to leather, we didn't want the bodykit and the tint was cheaper if we had done it ourselves.

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