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2011 Suzuki Kizashi

The Kizashi is Suzuki's new flagship model. It offers bold, sporty styling; a refined cabin that is the result of careful craftsmanship; equipment that reflects a focus on comfort; and exhilarating performance. Plus, it combines sporty handling with great ride comfort thanks to extensive testing and fine-tuning on roads in Europe and North America. This exciting new offering is the sixth in a string of world strategic models with which Suzuki has established a reputation for customer-focused innovation in line with its "Way of Life!" brand philosophy. "Kizashi" is a Japanese word meaning "a sign of great things to come". As the name of Suzuki's new flagship model, it reflects the dynamic, forward-looking approach with which Suzuki takes up new auto making challenges. The Kizashi can be seen as a great new stimulant: It stimulates new choice in the D-segment. It stimulates engaged driving. It stimulates the kind of lifestyle enjoyment that Suzuki envisages with its "Way of Life!" philosophy. And its development has stimulated the Suzuki DNA in a thrilling new way. Development Concept The Kizashi reflects a concept of creating an emotionally appealing sedan for active people. Suzuki developed it with emphasis on five key points: - A combination of sportiness and elegance in its design - A further evolution of the European-tuned handling delivered by the Swift and SX4 - Smoothness and quietness befitting a D-segment vehicle - Superior engine performance and fuel efficiency ...

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