Video - 3-9/15 PRINCESS MONONOKE [Backstage]w/EnglishSub

Videa Suzuki US 3-9/15 PRINCESS MONONOKE [Backstage]w/EnglishSub

3-9/15 PRINCESS MONONOKE [Backstage]w/EnglishSub

In this 9th part of the 3rd series we first see Ghibli producer Suzuki-san confessing how he came up and brought up Akira Kurosawa's movie to persuade the theatre owners who had already decided to go for the Lost World. While Suzuki-san'd been 200% devoted into the film Princess Mononoke, Toho PR dept. Producer Yabe-san looks back and comments how scary Suzuki-san looked like all the while... Next Okuda-san of Nippon TV (NTV), one of Ghibli's sponsors, talks about the struggles he's taken to obtain the largest possible cooperation from NTV staff. Lastly Toho's CEO Nishino-san appears (who has a bit of a Godfather-of-the Japanese-Yakuza-like air but actually tells us his honest perspective) and explains he'd been originally arranged theatres with an objective of 4 billion JPY (apprx. 40 million USD) net revenue for Mononoke but decided to go with 6 billion JPY after a long discussion with Suzuki-san. Nishino-san also gives us his sharp perspective in pointing out what exactly is the essence of the film Princess Mononoke that totally differenciates from Hollywood movies with the-state-of-art shooting techniques. Enjoy also a Nissay's commercial on Princess Mononoke that's shown at the very last of this video ( ;

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