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4x4 Suzuki Samurai For Sale In this video presentation I want to introduce you to the Suzuki Samurai -- one of the smallest 4x4s ever. In 1985 the US market first got to know the Suzuki Samurai. The low cost of only 6200 dollars soon made it a popular choice for off roaders. With the tiny size and the 1.3 liter 63 horsepower engine it is by no means a screeming monster. The Samurai comes from a long line of Suzuki Jimny 4x4s and was known as the SJ413. The Samurai had the option of a convertible as well as a hardtop. For those that could fit in the small 4x4 it was a dream come true. Good reliability and surprising off road performance. Unfortunately the Samurai got a bad reputation for being easy to roll. The sad fact is that this seems to have been a deliberate attempt by the Consumers Reports to get the Samurai off the market in the US. The result was that after 1988 the sales plummeted. Suzuki soon after began a lawsuit that was later settled out of court where Consumers Union say that they -- and I quote - „never intended to imply that the Samurai easily rolls over in routine driving conditions." In some parts of the world the Samurai was marketed as Suzuki Fox and in others as the Suzuki Carribean. These were also available as long wheel based 4x4 trucks. Giving them some very much need extra interiour space. The Samurai has always been quite popular for modification, because of the simple design, light weight and low cost. Great for many beginner off roaders. The light ...

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