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Videa Suzuki GS 80's Commercials Vol. 178

80's Commercials Vol. 178

These commercials aired on NBC on February 20th, 1982 1. Olympia (This is what happens when you employ a crazy old hobo to look after a beer factory) 2. TV Spot for "Vice Squad" (Looks hardcore) 3. True Value Hardware (I want a squishy brown vinyl toilet seat now) 4. "Saturday Night Live" Commercial Bumper 5. Promo for "Wedding On Walton's Mountain" 6. Los Alamitos Night Harness Racing (I love the incredibly complex animation LOL) 7. Bell System 8. News Center 4 Promo 9. American Motors 10. Backwoods Smokes (Incredible! I think the girl is Candy Clark, who I met at a classic car show a few years ago) 11. Sambo's (This once popular chain was bankrupt at this point and would be dead by the end of '82, in large part due to backlash over its name. The original restaurant in Santa Barbara is the only one left. BTW, these are insanely low prices, even when you account for inflation) 12. Datsun 13. Suzuki GS 1000S Katana 14. Ultra Brite (OK, the female mascot is just amazing. Also, I just love commercials where women are praying for a little sexual harassment at the workplace) 15. Volkswagen Quantum 16. Datsun 210 (She reminds me of Lucille from "Arrested Development") 17. Natural Light (Good God! That Leprechaun is horrifying! Kill it with fire!) 18. Bob's Big Boy (I've never actually eaten at one of these) 19. TWA Ambassador Class (With Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul Jabarr) 20. Promo for "Rock & Roll Dreams", "CHiPs" and "The Capture Of Grizzly Adams" (This just might be ...



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