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Videa Suzuki Intruder 93' Bobber project bike 1

93' Bobber project bike 1

93' Suzuki Intruder custom build from the headlight back. It is still in the preliminary stages of completion. The "rat rod" stage. However, with the exception of a few brackets, headlight, custom handtooled leather on the seat and the pee pad, and some miscellaneous wiring, it is ready to be broken down and finish welded, body work done, painted and put back together. This bike features a custom built raked and stretched frame by "Bobby Lewis Fabrication" in Mineral Wells Texas. In addition it has a '32 model Ford headlight, Harley handlebars, fatbob tank, vintage Harley tombstone tailight, catalogue turn signals, custom handgrips and footpegs, handformed brackets, custom license plate holder, custom rear fender, custom handmade exhaust, and handrolled and shaped seat and pee pad with seat shocks, all built by myself and "The Slob" of Richland Hills Texas. impg2171

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