Video - Aamir Khan Riding BMW K 1300 R for Dhoom 3

Videa Suzuki Boost King Aamir Khan Riding BMW K 1300 R for Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan Riding BMW K 1300 R for Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan Riding BMW K 1300 R for Dhoom 3 Looking surprisingly fit for his 47 years in black biking gear and a bowler hat, Aamir Khan took to the streets of Chicago on a sexy BMW K 1300 R superbike to kickstart the first shooting schedule of his upcoming biggie, Dhoom 3. Source: Mail Today Dhoom 3 , which stars Aamir opposite Katrina Kaif in their maiden film together, sees the superstar play the main villain. From what we hear, his role is that of a superthief with acrobatic skills. And he completely looked the part when spotted in Chicago, flaunting an athlete's physique — lean yet muscular — as he patiently posed for photo- ops with his fans. The BMW K1300R is a naked motorcycle launched at the end of 2008 to replace the K1200R as BMW's flagship urban motorcycle. The K1300R produces a claimed 173 hp (129 kW) @ 9250 rpm from its 1293 cc Inline-four engine with torque of 140 N-m (100 lbf-ft) @ 8250 rpm. The engine was subtly modified by British company Ricardo plc. It has an exhaust butterfly flap to boost torque and improve exhaust note. The K1300R features BMW's optional ESA-II electronic suspension adjustment. The bike also has a conventional indicator switch instead of the usual BMW three button configuration. The K1300R can also be considered a muscle bike, a slang term for bikes with high power output and fast acceleration. In tests carried out by Bike Magazine in the UK, it was the fastest 0--100 km/h (0--62 mph) muscle bike at 2.81 seconds, beating its next ...



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