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AIAIAI Presents the Sound Taxi

MAKE THE CITY SOUND BETTER is the determined name of the campaign for AIAIAIs latest headphone-release, the Capital, which we designed for the on-the-go urbanite. Striving to back up words with action and break new sonic territory, we teamed up with London-based sound artist Yuri Suzuki and his crew of innovative creatives in the efforts to engage in an ambitious, design- and sound project that very literally delivers on the campaign's motivated promise: to make the city sound better. The Sound Taxi is equipped with microphones that record it's surrounding noise. As it made it's way through the streets of London, a specially designed software program inside the vehicle converted the noise into unique music in real-time. Passersby heard the music via the 67 speakers built into the entire car body and the big Indian horns mounted on top of the taxi's roof. Finally, the passengers of the sound taxi could tune-in to the converted sounds via headphones installed inside of the vehicle. See more at & - - - - Yuri Suzuki: Design Direction, Concept Matthew Kneebone: Design Direction, Concept Mark McKeague: Interaction Design, Sound Design Charlie Burns: Creative Production Support, Production Support Tom Wells: Assistant Peter Michael Willer: Creative Direction, Concept (AIAIAI) Tobias Holz: Planner, Concept (AIAIAI) Ulrik Ahlefeldt: Director, DOP, Film Editing (LUV) Kasper N



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