Video - Alaska motorcycle trip. 1 of 2.

Videa Suzuki DL Alaska motorcycle trip. 1 of 2.

Alaska motorcycle trip. 1 of 2.

For my vacation this year I rode my suzuki v-strom 650 motorcycle from Vancouver, BC to Fairbanks, Alaska, and everywhere in between. I rode through northern BC on the cassiar highway and checked out cool remote coastal towns, rode through the Yukon and all around Alaska, and explored part of the inside passage on a 3 day ferry boat trip. I set out on my own but ended up meeting up with many others traveling by bike spent most of the trip traveling with some very cool and interesting people. I saw amazing scenery and wildlife and met fascinating and generous locals along the way that really made the trip great. Can't wait to go to more far away places and go on longer trips.. hopefully Mexico/central/south america next, maybe next winter!

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