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All Electric Motorcycle Project

This video documents my conversion of a 1978 Suzuki GS550 to all electric. Although I am very happy with this version, it won't be long before I start on a second, much faster electric motorcycle. UPDATE: After getting over 9000 views in one day, thanks almost entirely to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, I realized I need to put more info on here. First, this was on a student budget for fun. I did all the CAD, designing, machining, etc. This was also the first and only motorcycle I have ridden or worked on. I am very passionate about electric vehicles or just getting away from 30% efficient internal combustion. The panels are good for a mile of range every hour and a half, should be able to double output in the next version, however, at this point,the solar is a supplementary system. Wall charging takes less than 3 hours and costs about 20 cents. Specs: Top Speed: 40MPH Range: 16-24 miles depending on riding habits Acceleration: Better than traffic Battery Pack: 48V 55Ah Marine Deep Cycle (Energy of 1/12 a gallon of gasoline) Power: Maybe 15hp, will dyno soon. The next motorcycle is in the design stages, I will be doing several things that have never been done on any motorcycle before and will make some big steps at closing the gap between gasoline and electric. I am also working on genetically engineering a tree to grow money so I can pay for it.

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