Video - Arc Welding with 3 Car Batteries (Tutorial & Demo)

Videa Suzuki T Arc Welding with 3 Car Batteries (Tutorial & Demo)

Arc Welding with 3 Car Batteries (Tutorial & Demo)

Emergency welding technique using 3 car batteries wired in series. Knowing how to do this may just save you from haivng to leave your rig out in the middle of nowhere. If you're going to go wheeling you need to know how to save your own butt. AAA doesn't respond if your 20 miles off the beaten path. This is the second video that I've done on this subject. The first video showed me doing an acutal trail repair, but wasn't very detailed. I had so many responses from people that didn't understand what was going on, or for some reason thought it wasn't possible, that I decided to do a video in a controlled environment and show exactly what welding with car batteries is all about.

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