Video - Axial SCX10 & Multiplex FunJet Expedition [HD]

Videa Suzuki TR Axial SCX10 & Multiplex FunJet Expedition [HD]

Axial SCX10 & Multiplex FunJet Expedition [HD]

a video in coorporation with luxdaffy1 ( who owns the jet and edited this movie, the scx10 is my dingo tr or the expedition hummer modified; the suzuki body is hand made of alumainium the battery mount is modified and the bumpers removed. the trailer hitch with the trailer are also handmade of aluminium. the jet is a Funjet from Multiplex with brushledd engine and lipo (i think...) ;) and the stickers are custom. goes up to 200 km/h under good conditions... very difficult to film.

RC, radio, controlled, plane, srawler, axial, multiplex, funjet, scx10, modified, body, handmade, scaler, scaling, flying, trailer, air, mud, Airplane, Jet, Savage, Control, Fly, Electric



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