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Baddest Suzuki Samurai in America

I bought this '91 Samurai as a Bone stock truck back in September 2010, and worked my butt off to make it what it is today. I used the best of everything available, or built my own, to make a rig that can hang with the big boys. I turned the stock ratted out brown interior to a black, functional, show quality cockpit. The whole tub is LineX coated, and I had the Front Bumper sprayed as well. I painted the exterior a cream white enamel, then covered it in Realtree Hardwoods Snow camofluage from CamoClad. The motor is the stock 1.3l with fuel injection, but I added a K&N air filter, Pacesetter long tube header with Flowmaster 44 muffler, a GM alternator, and freshened up the entire motor with new seals, electronics, hoses, timing belt, water pump, and everything else you'd do to a 20 year old vehicle to make sure it was in tip-top shape. I coil lifted the entire truck to clear the 33" BFG Mud Terrain KM2's. Every part of the undercarriage was completely disassembled, reinforced, rebuilt, painted, and reassembled to make a worthy trail rig. The transmission was rebuilt, and the transfer case received a set of 6.5:1 crawl gears. This truck has been a blast to build, and I don't plan on stopping where it is now.

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