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Bonneville 07 Turbo Hayabusa

The turbo Suzuki Hayabusa of Heads Up Performance ( sets records at SCTA-BNI Bonneville Speedweek in August 2007. Rider Scott Horner and team Horner/Thompson set two records for unfaired (naked) motorcycles. They bumped the existing record in the 1350cc M-BF class from 186.574 mph to 205.589 mph two way average and the 1350cc M-BG from a 195.271 mph record to 209.793 mph two way average. The 209 record earned Scott a place in history with induction into the prestigious Bonneville 200 MPH Club. The 205 mph record still stands, the 209 record was exceeded later in the week. Scott reached a top average speed of 213.373 mph during the event with a peak of 216 on GPS. He gave much credit to the APEX Speed Technology ECU for a solid week of thrashing his bike with no issues. APEX also supplied the ChaseCam PDR100 that provided the on bike footage. In July, Scott entered the El Mirage 200 MPH Club when he bumped a record of 202.107 set in 1999 to 206.761 mph. Scott became only the 18th person in the history of Land Speed Racing ANYWHERE to set a record in excess of 200 mph on a "naked" motorcycle. (



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