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Botchamania 205

Two months on the internet is the equivalent to two years in real time, so assuming all my fans haven't moved on or died out, here's Botchamaia 205: Forre-Trish Stratus Hello, Happy Kingdom by Yoko Shimomura (Super Mario RPG) Gygas Dying by Keiichi Suzuki (Earthbound) Road Warriors by Miki Higashino, Masanori Adachi, Tachihi Iwase (Contra III: The Alien Wars) Spaceport Alpha by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing) This video was created by Maffew Tag-line by Hitmoncahn107 Please subscribe!! Vote for Botchamania 206's tag-line. Choose between: 1) Kevin Dunn-sparce (by boyleasawrus) 2) Paul Lon-Dunsparce (by Zunigaistheman) Also, suggest tag-lines for Botchamania 207. Base them on the Pokemon "Gligar"

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