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Videa Suzuki T BOYS TOYS In The Philippines (You Won't Believe This)

BOYS TOYS In The Philippines (You Won't Believe This)

TOYS In The Philippines Stay At Puerto Galera! Book Now - OK, now you may think the Philippines is a third world country, but I tell you what, we've got all the toys here that you could possibly want. C'mon! We've got radical kayaks. These ones are pedal power, padlle power and wind. These are great. We've got hobby sailers. Over here, of course, we've got pretty girls. Look at this, isn't that a radical looking piece of kit. Yeah! We've got inflatable kayaks. And more pretty girls. We'll go look at some more stuff. We've got every size of outboard you could imagine. We've got luxury cruising boats, jet skis and quads. Look at this bad boy. Now that's a toy. Check that out. Bigger quads. Of course, pretty girls. And this is one of my favorites. This is built by a friend of mine. This is a custom wakeboard boat. Isn't that beautiful? This bad boy has a 115 on it. You can rent this for 35000 an hour. That's about $800 bucks. 4 seater. Check this out. It's a Suzuki jet boat. BMWs. Now, doesn't this look like a combat boat! So again, every toy you could possibly imagine is available here in the Philippines - you just come and see us. Need an awesome room? Stay at Badladz. Badladz Adventure Resort Muelle Pier, Puerto Galera 5203, Philippines +63 43 287 3184 +63 919 577 2823 +63 920 955 6410 (Mobile)



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