Video - Buono! live in Paris 2012 [fancam]

Videa Suzuki T Buono! live in Paris 2012 [fancam]

Buono! live in Paris 2012 [fancam]

Buono! performing live in La Machine de Moulin Rouge in Paris on the 12th of february 2012. it was awesome. :D I've filmed parts of Hatsukoi Cider, Rottara Rottara, Kiss Kiss Kiss, Deep Mind and Bravo Bravo. Unfortunately I had problems with my camera and couldn't film more. Also, Hatsukoi Cider is in really bad quality, I'm sorry for that. I don't know why it happened. The quality is better from 1:39 onwards. I hope you enjoy it! At this point I want to thank Buono! for their hard work and of course I should also thank everybody who made this concert happen! There's nothing better than experiencing a concert live. Thank you



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