Video - Car Takes Out Traffic Light

Videa Suzuki RE Car Takes Out Traffic Light

Car Takes Out Traffic Light

Sorry for the stupidly late upload, but two things happened. First of all, my Internet has been disconnecting on and off so I wasn't able to do a complete upload until yesterday Second of all, I had this video up, but it didn't have part of the end (it was cut out) rendered properly... or so I thought. I never actually checked it on YouTube, but playing my video in VLC Media Player made the end get cut out, but playing it in Winamp (about five minutes ago) made me realise that this was just VLC screwing up for some reason. In other words, the video probably wasn't cut at the end on YouTube and I wasted the day rendering the video repeatedly with different settings to try and get it to work, lol. :( To the three people who posted on the video before it was deleted, thanks for posting. I was going to reply to you all but err... yeah... lol. ;P If you have any comments or questions then feel free to post/ask, I don't bite. Camera: Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Bike: 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Helmet: Shoei XR1100 Conqueror The song in the video is Preaching The Machine by Allegaeon off of their self-titled EP, used with permission from the band. Check em' out if you're interested, they're a very talented band that deserves all of the recognition that they can get.

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