Video - Close call, and a little shoutout.

Videa Suzuki T Close call, and a little shoutout.

Close call, and a little shoutout.

My apologies for the bad camera angle. Will be sorted soon, been extremely busy lately, haven't had time to make any videos. Which is also why this video isn't that exciting. It's the only footage we have recorded over the past couple weeks. And on-top of that, youtube wouldn't let me upload any videos, so I had to put the file onto a USB Stick and let my friend upload it. Premises187: BaronVonGrumble: I don't expect this video to get these guys more subscribers, it's just to show them how much I appreciate their videos. (But still subscribe to them if you haven't already, they rock!) Thanks for watching! Likes, Comments and Favourites are highly appreciated :)



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