Video - Crash Test 2008 Suzuki Splash (Full Test) EuroNcap

Videa Suzuki Splash Crash Test 2008 Suzuki Splash (Full Test) EuroNcap

Crash Test 2008 Suzuki Splash (Full Test) EuroNcap

Comments Front impact The passenger compartment remained stable during the impact. Structures in the dashboard presented a risk of injury to the knees and femurs of the driver and passenger. Side impact A head-protecting airbag is not fitted as standard equipment and a pole test was not performed. Child-protection The passenger airbag can be disabled, allowing a rearward facing child restraint to be used in that seating position. However, information provided to the driver regarding the status of the airbag is not sufficiently clear. The label warning of dangers of using a rearward-facing child seat in that position without first disabling the airbag was not available in all European languages. The presence of ISOFIX anchorages in the rear outboard seats was not clearly marked. Pedestrian protection The bumper scores maximum points for the protection it offered to pedestrians' legs. The front edge of the bonnet scored no points.

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