Video - David Suzuki at The Time is NOW! Green Party Rally

Videa Suzuki RE David Suzuki at The Time is NOW! Green Party Rally

David Suzuki at The Time is NOW! Green Party Rally

"I have known about [Donald's] work in academics, human rights, and social justice. Social justice issues are at the heart of the green movement. This is a distinguished man who has dedicated his life to help not only in Canada but also abroad" "I am happy to be here today because Greens understand, have always understood, there are limits to growth. Greens know that our well-being and our prosperity depend on a healthy biosphere." "The only time [our] freedoms and rights and guarantees matter, is when times are tough, and if we can't guarantee them then, then democracy fails." "The [Green Party] should be very very proud to have someone of [Donald's] stature." "The Greens are far more than protecting trees, birds, and all of that" "I hope to provide you with why you're here and what the job is now. The job is to go out and to start raising these issues. And see which candidates for office are actually going to confront the kinds of issues that the Greens understand to their very DNA and their core. So again, thank you Don, thank you Donald for offering yourself for this very very tough challenge the people are here today, I think, to say they appreciate it they're going to be all out there beating the doors for you as I will be for Andrew Weaver when he runs for office next year."



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