Video - David Suzuki Speaks at the Sustainable Operations Summit

Videa Suzuki US David Suzuki Speaks at the Sustainable Operations Summit

David Suzuki Speaks at the Sustainable Operations Summit

At the 2011 Sustainable Operations Summit we were extremely fortunate to have environmental icon David Suzuki join us to give his Legacy talk. My Legacy: An Elder's Vision For Our Sustainable Future In his own lifetime, David Suzuki has witnessed an explosion of scientific knowledge as well as a huge change in our relationship with the planet-a tripling of the world's population, a greatly increased ecological footprint through the global economy, and a huge growth in technological capacity. These changes have had a dire effect on Earth's ecosystems and consequently on our own well-being. To deal with this crisis, we must realize that the laws of nature have priority over the forces of economics and that the planet simply cannot sustain unfettered growth. We must also recognize the limits of scientific reductionism and the need to adopt a more holistic point of view. Perhaps most important, we must join together as a single species to respond to the problems we face. Suzuki believes that change begins with each of us; all it takes is imagination and a faith in the inherent generosity of Mother Earth. The Sustainable Operations Summit is produced by CraigMichaels, Inc. To learn more about the summit visit:

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