Video - Day 7- Coast-to-Coast in a Suzuki Kizashi KBB

Videa Suzuki US Day 7- Coast-to-Coast in a Suzuki Kizashi KBB

Day 7- Coast-to-Coast in a Suzuki Kizashi KBB

FOR MORE AUTOMOTIVE NEWS VISIT: Day 7. In the past seven days weve covered more than 3300 miles, driven through 12 states and eaten enough road-food to make the surgeon generals head explode. Good times. The last leg of our journey included lots of miles through the desert, a detour through the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona and one last high-speed push through the night toward Los Angeles. The USA is a big country, filled with amazing sights, wonderful people and plenty of adventure. Were lucky to have experienced some of what America has to offer. Were happy the Suzuki Kizashi made such an excellent partner for our journey. Were looking forward to the next opportunity to get out and see what this country is made of. -Micah.

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