Video - Drake - Best I Ever Had (acoustic cover by Andy Suzuki & The Method)

Videa Suzuki RE Drake - Best I Ever Had (acoustic cover by Andy Suzuki & The Method)

Drake - Best I Ever Had (acoustic cover by Andy Suzuki & The Method)

email for the link to DOWNLOAD THIS MP3 for FREE! Andy Suzuki & The Method's free EP, "Free Hundred Pianos" is also free - just email! http Find Andy Suzuki's full-length CD, "300 Pianos," on iTunes PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, FAV, RATE, & COMMENT! lyrics (written by Andy Suzuki) baby you're my everything you're all i ever wanted we can do it real big, bigger than you've ever done it every time i sing i wanna write a song about ya, take this diamond ring cuz you make me want to be a better man cuz you're my lover and my number one fan from the first date baby i could see you could have my baby and my eternity cuz i'm singing baby, i'm singing baby you're the best best i ever had, best i ever had, best i ever had, baby you're the best know you got a roommate, call me when it's no one there put the key under the mat and i'll be over there i'll rub away your fears, and i'll kiss away your tears honey don't insult me please don't ask twice i'll give you my heart just like i'm giving up the first slice cuz you're the kinda girl i wanna make into my wife sweatpants tanktop chillin with no makeup on thats when you're the prettiest unless you plan to take them off don't get me wrong cuz nothing turns me on like getting you off don't pay attention to the rumors and what they assume cuz they don't know i love you you're my best ...

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