Video - Driving the Suzuki SX4 (

Videa Suzuki SX4 Driving the Suzuki SX4 (

Driving the Suzuki SX4 (

I am driving the Suzuki SX4 at the Top Gear Test Track on Forza Motorsport 4. Interestingly, the Suzuki SX4 is chosen as the "Small Car" for Big Stars who guested on Top Gear USA. For those who haven't know, "Big Star, Small Car" is the US equivalent of Top Gear's "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car". Famous personalities who guested at TGUSA such as former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Lost's Dominic Monagham, Modern Family's Ty Burrell, musician Kid Rock, Avatar star Michelle Rodriguez, and skatebording legend and game designer Tony Hawk, have been tried and lapped through the TGUSA test track. Now it's your turn to lap it, but instead, at the original Top Gear Test Track in Dunsfold Aerodrome, Dunsfold, Surrey, UK. Listening to: THE EDGE OF CHAOS ~

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