Video - Ducati 1198 SP (Most 09/2011)

Videa Suzuki SP Ducati 1198 SP (Most 09/2011)

Ducati 1198 SP (Most 09/2011)

2nd turn of my first race training in Most Autodrom, September 2011, 2nd race training with the sweet 1198 after Oschersleben in August. I drove a few rounds behind my buddy simon with his suzuki gsxr1000 (yea, my name is simon too!), then i went past him and drove a few laps on my own to explore the track. There were a few factors making this training particularly exciting for me: first of all my tires were pretty much used up (still running with original stock set of Pirelli Supercorsa), secondly this was my very first visit in Most so I didnt really know my way, and finally I was in the fast group for the very first time (so far Ive always chickened out in the beginners group). ;p Anyway, I really liked Most a lot and Ill certainly come back someday. For this season I'm done. Enjoy the video and stay tuned for next year.

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